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Woodmill costfree heating thanks woodchip fired boiiler

Woodmill costfree heating thanks woodchip fired boiiler

We have question from one of big woodmills about woodchip boiler replacement.

Customer has a lot of different woodchips, woodcuts, sawdust as waste from wood production. Up to now, they used Mavera heating boiler and now they want to replace it for newest model with better efficiency and lower emission.

We offered our Biowarmer biomass boiler 500 kW  for them, as good expample of reasonable heating source. Boiler can burn with highest efficiency almost all sorts of wood biomass like:



wood shavings


What is also important, we can burn also biomass from Agro industry like straw briquettes.

Thanks automatic fuel hopper and self cleaning burner system we can archive best performance of the unit.

For woodmills or farmers it will be true costfree heating ! ROI - return on investment of the boiler will be really quick !

Biowarmer series central heating and industrial boilers was named in the past as  Futura BIO

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