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Wood waste to energy

Wood waste to energy

In accordance with emission standards for certain types of installations, fuel combustion sources and waste incineration or co-incineration plants, waste may be incinerated in dedicated installations specially adapted for this, i.e. waste incineration plants or waste co-incineration plants.

What should consist of waste incineration plants or waste co-incineration plants ?


Such installation of waste incineration plants consists of a heating boiler, a special flue gas filtration system and, most importantly, a gas afterburning chamber at a temperature of at least 850 degrees C, where the residence time of the flue gas must be at least 2 S. Why? Only at these temperatures can we eliminate harmful substances from the waste incineration. And they can be in exhaust fumes depending on their origin and degree of pollution:
• Sulphur dioxide
• hydrogen chloride
• hydrogen fluoride
• nitrogen and carbon oxides
• heavy metals
• dioxins and furans
As a manufacturer of industrial boilers, we introduced a model with an additional heating chamber a few years earlier.

Our central heating furnaces with a feeder and after-burning chamber are ideally suited for wood-based and furniture waste, including chipboard and other wood chips.
The essence of the safe combustion of such waste is the appropriate high temperature, as previously mentioned it eliminates harmful substances such as dioxins and furans.
Our company offers boiler rooms with a turnkey gas afterburning chamber, together with a filtration system and fuel storage facilities. We also offer the possibility of modernizing existing biomass boiler rooms for wood-based waste.

Our systems are offered in small scale: from 300 kW – it means for waste consumption of 100 kg/hr . It is designed mostly for small cities, industrial plants or areas. We can offer following models:

300 kW

500 kW

700 kW

960 kW

1 MW

2 MW

3 MW

5 MW

Later we can set a cascade of listed power output to archive bigger plant: f.e 2 +2 MW to get 4 MW heating plant.

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