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Wood gasifying boiler Sigma 20-50 kW

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  • Power: 20 kW

Fuel type:

  • Wood Wood


The wood gas (german. holzgas) comes in the process of gasifing of the wood. This is the mixture of flammable gases: the oxide of carbon, hydrogen and methane, and also incombustible -- nitrogen, the dioxide of carbon, water steam. The composition of the gas depends on many factors as: from current temperature in the hearth of the gas generator, the moisture of the loaded fuel and other.
The gasifing of solid fuels is technology counting above 200 years. On the beginning XIX w. it was used so-called urban gas to the supply of cookers, street lamp and to industrial aims. It was produced from the carbon then. Generally -- the artificially formed gas from the gasifing of the solid fuel is called the generator gas

Sigma gasifying boilers were designed in Sweden to burn 50 cm log wood.  Boiler of type SIGMA Holzgas on first throw of the uninitiated eye does not differ from the usual boiler on the wood. It has hearth, loading chamber and ash-pan. The difference of working is however considerable -- it burns in it not from the bottom to the top, but inversely. There is the loading chamber at the top and the
transformation of the wood follows in the wood gas in this chamber. There is the nozzle below the chamber in which burning the wood gas mixed previously with the air, which flows in from outside, follows. This element is made from the heat-proof material. There is the ash-pan, in which burning down the mixture of the wood gas with the air follows, under the nozzle. The boiler on the wood gas
from the back possesses accompanying flue gas to the chimney, in this place the exchanger of warmth allowing to the heating of water from hot flue gas is assembled.

Features of our product:

- designed in Sweden, tested in Germany  - boiler is in TUV proved.

- 5 class of emission

- big loading chamber designed for 50 cm log wood

- built in exhaust ventilator helps to avoid smoke by start up

- optional:  cooling loop and lambda sensor

- clean combustion thanks gasyfication process

- full power modulation of boiler

- 2 controllers:  basic with pump steering /overheating protection , extended with mixer controller, LCD display, lambda or flue gases sensor

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Description Technical Table Controllers Files Movies Press Releases
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