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Wood gasification log outdoor boiler Sigma 35 kW

Features Features
  • Power: 35 kW


Using the latest outdoor gasifier technology, we reduce CO2 emission and other dioxids which can  be released into the atmosphere during wood combustion.

The secondary burning chamber burns gasses at up to 1300 degrees centigrade which cleans flue gasses - that's why gasification method of wood combustion is still the cleanest on the market.

Pyrolysis of wood requires seasoned fuel, but it is still very efficient - up to 91% thermal efficiency. The boiler has a large log chamber - 50 cm long wood logs, which holds enough wood for up to 12 hours burning.

We offer outdoor gasifier Sigma with special metal container room, with roof, chimney - ready to install or plug & use.

Price are starting from 2900 euro, please call us :  + 48 604 488 699 

We can deliver wood log boilers to UK or other places in Europe, You can see our boilers also on Amazon or Ebay. 

Wood gasification log outdoor boiler Sigma 35 kW
  • Wood gasification log outdoor boiler Sigma 35 kW
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