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Wood fired boiler Vespa 17-23 kW CWD

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  • Power: 23 kW

Fuel type:

  • Coal Coal
  • Wood Wood


Versatile standing solid fuel boilers VESPA CWD are compact and price attractive wood/coal/pellets units. Vespa are down combustion boilers - it allows for fuel refilling every time during operation of boiler becouse combustion chamber is in down part of loading chamber.

VESPA BOILERS are excelent units as side ( spare ) boilers by oil or gas boilers. Boiler starts very fast, catch temperature quickly and has big loading doors and extended loading chamber.

Other advantages of our product:

  • front fuel loading and cleaning doors
  • exended loading door and chamber
  • chimney outlet located from upper part
  • cast iron grate
  • 35 cm long loading chamber
  • compact dimensions of the boiler
  • 2 passes, boiler steel construction of heat exchanger
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Description Technical Table Controllers Files Movies Press Releases
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