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Wood chips boilers Biowarmer 50-150 kW

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  • Power: 50 kW

Fuel type:

  • sawdust sawdust
  • Sawdust briquette Sawdust briquette
  • wood chips wood chips


The Biowarmer central heating wood chips boilers are suitable for biomass combustion in:

  • schools, comunal buildings, warehouses
  • factories, family houses, heat plants
  • shops, farmer buildings
  • greenhouses, sawmills
Biomass fired boilers Biowarmer can by supplied with wide fuel range like: log woods, wood chips, off cuts, edgings, wood waste, agricultular waste or different sorts of pellets and briquettes from straw, wheat or hay.
As leading manufacturer of biomass heating systems and plants we cover complete Europe with our boiler's offer. We can provide different solid fuel and biomass boilers from 10 kW do 10 MW.Our reference list is very long and you can see review about our produtcs in many films on youtube.
Biowarmer biomass fired boilers and systems can be cheapest way of heating these days. Our products are not only innovative but also they have:
  • reasonable prices
  • good quallity / price level
  • cheap spare parts
  • wide offer of different hoppers and silos for biomass
  • wide offer of automatic
Renewable energy systems for different biomass usage like our Biowarmer boiler series can be reasonable source of heating for private users and industrial holders.
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Description Technical Table Controllers Files Movies Press Releases
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