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Water stove 15-25 kW for log wood

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  • Power: 25 kW

Fuel type:

  • Wood Wood


Stoves with water jacket type SPECTRA from CWD it is comfortable combination of stove with heating log wood boiler. Stove Spectra has typical combustion chamber with a lot of ceramics and steel heat exchanger with built in special pipes. Everything is designed like in normal cast iron stove - but in our product we installed water jacket, which covers complete surface of the device.

Thanks built in water jacket  we can use stove as log wood boiler and traditional stove in one device, becouse by wood burn - we have not only a nice view thanks glass doors but we heat water in installation and radiators.

We use energy from wood combustion in two solution as room heating device through glass and as water heating source to heat water pipes and radiators in the same time !

Our water thermal stoves offer also :

  • extended heat exchanger with many pipes to increase thermal efficiency of unit
  • long operation time on one log wood load - thanks extended water jacket
  • steel legs for better product placement and outside air inlet
  • cooling loop to protect stove against overheating and high pressure

Our stoves we produce for 7 years for Buderus company in many countries in Europe.

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