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Straw gasifying boiler 25-600 kW Agrowarmer

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  • Power: 25 kW

Fuel type:

  • Straw Straw


Biomass / straw gasifying boilers Agrowarmer are designed mostly for heating for farmers or agricultural companies or buildings near places, where straw is possible to get or buy. Straw is mostly treated like agricultural rubbish -mostly use as animal fodder. By use of our straw gasyfing boilers we can burn straw in the boiler with high thermal efficiency and low pollution.

We offer Agrowarmer series heating boiler that can burn with high efficiency:

  • bale of straw
  • cubes of straw
  • waste of log wood
  • wood logs
  • straw briquettes
In the present time those materials  are the cheapest fuel for farmer's heating. In many countries we can supply our boiler with almost costfree fuel. It provides fully costfree heating.

We can offer this boiler also in mobile container forms, that make easier access to the boiler from ground side.We can load the fuel with the tractor or automatically.

Straw gasyfing boilers demand accumulator tanks to get best heating results and yearly efficiency.

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  • piec na baloty słomy
  • Straw gasification
  • Straw combustion emission by CWD
  • Straw heating in mobile container
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