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Spiral conveyors and screws for pellets feeding to burners and boilers

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  • Power: 25 kW

Fuel type:

  • Pellets Pellets


Sets of elastic feeding screws for pellets and biomass can arrange transportation of fuel up to 60 m from tank or silo to the boiler room. We can arrange also special orders for pellets transportation and feeding systems to small domestic pellet boilers and also industrial one.

Wood pellets will be transported horizontally and vertically without a screw shaft.

The applications range from the feeding of heating systems through to the filling of pellet storage rooms. We usually realize the transportation of pellets with our flexible screw conveyors.
This allows conveying in curves. The conveyor system can be optimally fitted to the structural circumstances.

The flexible screw conveyor is made of special hardened steel manufactured and characterized by high tensile strength and spring force.

Spiral conveyors. Rigid, flexible or special plastic screws, Steiner conveyor systems
are now over 34 years the most innovative in the industry. 

Whether in the private or industrial area, Steiner spirals find their wide variety
of applications, ranging from transport of fine granules, up to pellets or sensitive foods.

This is also backed by our high quality standards and enables the production of
low-noise, energy-efficient and especially zero-emission products. Also we pay attention
on a fair pricing. Our modular systems make it possible for almost every application and budget
to find their application. So if you put emphasis on quality and cost optimization, we will be your ideal partner!


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