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Renexpo Warsaw - renewables in Poland

Renexpo Warsaw - renewables in Poland

The conferences and forums of the RENEXPO® Poland have become an important meeting place to gather information about current market developments and trends. This platform helps you to forge new contacts and to inform yourself about the latest know-how. Speakers from politics, research and development and professional users report on their current experiences are providing solutions for the future of renewable energy and energy-efficiency in Poland.


architects, electrical fitters, prosumers, planners, engineers, artisans, producers and distributors, energy consultants, energy auditors, energy concerns, farmers, forest officers, tourist farm owners and managers, financing, funding, insurance students, researchers and scientists, investors, hotel owners, representative of the hotels industry, public authorities: administrations, ministries, Other services

Our heating solutions and boilers are dedicated for all of above listed branches.

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