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Poleko fairs

Poleko fairs

Our company took part in Poleko fairs - we presented there automatic biomass heating systems for straw and straw briquettes combustion.

Straw pellets and briquettes are named golden coal, becouse it is cheapest source of heating in almost every european country. Our boiler could be supplied with straw thanks our partner - company Asket - manufacturer of BIOMASSER technology.

Briquettes produced in BIOMASSER® technology - “Golden Coal” - have inside a technological hole. The hole carries out three functions meaningful for user of renewable fuels:

  1. through this hole goes out the moisture generated while briquette forming process; thanks to that the briquette has higher caloric value (less moisture - more caloric value)

  2. second function of the hole in briquette refers to the combustion. Through the hole an additional air gets inside the briquette what assures its very good, total burning. Moreover the hearth of burner does not go out and does not require raking as it may be necessary when burning briquettes without a hole or pellets.

  3. hard and without a hole briquettes may block or even destroy automatic feeder of the burner. Briquettes “Golden Coal” having a hole inside are easy to break by the feeder and do not cause disruption of its work.

Described above features and attributes of BIOMASSER® technology and BIOMASSER® briquetting presses and TOMASSER® shredders are very innovative with reference to other technologies.

The prices of specific features and total economical effect are not given because we do not have precise information on them in other technologies. We do not agree with some information given in the press and literature which are general, sketch and do not include whole production process from necessary drying process (in many technologies), shredding (often multi-stages), aggregating, cooling and packing.

The features and attributes given above show that BIOMASSER® technology is better in many economic aspects: investment, needed area, exploitation and maintenance costs, taxes, qualifications of personnel and technical service.

List of features and attributes allows for convincing customers interested in using non-wood biomass to choose our innovative BIOMASSER® technology.

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