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Pneumatic sewage pumping station

Features Features
  • Power: 25 kW


Pneumatic sewage pumping station is modern and new product on the market. This model of pumping station was awarded in Greenevo competition in Poland.

Advantages of pneumatic pumping stations EPP:

  • make it possible to pump sewage on very large distances and/or heights (the pumping pressure up to 10 bars) while the complete free passage is kept for solid impurities,
  • are resistant to jams which are generated in the transit outlet pipeline,
  • allow the abandonment of the installation of aerating – venting valves in the pressing pipe,
  • allow periodic entire emptying of pressing pipeline using compressed air,
  • do not cause any silting, any generation of sludge or surface scum in the tank reservoir.
sewage station
  • sewage station
  • Pneumatic sewage pumping station
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