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Pelletsburner - pellet burner MOVE

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  • Power: 15 kW

Fuel type:

  • Pellets Pellets


Pelletburner MOVE with capacity range 15- 300 kW is designed to heat houses, bakeries, farms, commercial buildings. Burner can be built in in new pellet-boiler like Futura Pel-lets but as well in existing oil or coal boiler. Our burner can burn pellets with 6/8 mm diameter and also grain.

Pelletsburner MOVE has a lot advantages for end user :

  • Automatical cleaning system
  • Feeder 1,7 m and burners head are galwanized
  • Sensor of furnace temperature and Lambda probe optional
  • Electronic controller with 2 pumps controller and as optional with mixer controll and LCD display
  • 2 screws - one in the feeder , second in the burner to avoid sintering of the fuel
palnik na pellet
  • palnik na pellet
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