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Pellet Stoves 7-10kW

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  • Power: 7 kW

Fuel type:

  • Pellets Pellets


Pellet stove BIOWARM is designed to im-prove the functioning through some really important details, including: round brazier, who ensures better com-bustion, better ventilation, resulting in a cooling, which increases performance and reduces, significantly, fuel consum-ption; bulky tank of pellets, with a capacity of over 15 kg. (equal to one sack of pellets), ensures a long operating time; electronic control system, pellet stove, allows the customer to adjust the power on and off automatically and program the heating needs.
Up to 15 programs On / Off(depends on model), Pellet stove, also allow to divide the programming of working days from the holidays, allowing, therefore, to operate the heater at different times during the weekend.


  • The large front door allows easy access to the combustion chamber and consequently easy maintenence and cleaning purposes.
  • improve efficiency due to the round shape of brazier
  • Bulky tank with capacity of over 15 kg (equal to one sack of pellets)
  • High thermo efficiency, due to the special heat exchanger and the great air circulation. Com-bustion chamber made by removable walls removable for easy cleaning and mainte-nance.
  • Large display: for easy, daily and weekly, programming.
  • Infrared remote control for remote adjustment.
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