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  • 05.03.2015

    Quality of the year

    Very popular polish magazine - Polityka has nominated us for Quality of the year award.

  • We launch monthly many new boiler room dedicated for biomass combustion.

  • 19.11.2014

    Traning in Lviv

    At the end of october we organized thanks our customer in Lviv - company Buderus Bosch - training about pellet burners - eco burners .

  • 19.11.2014

    Fairs in Spain

    During last fairs in Spain,which took place in Madrid at October we presented with our partner wide biomass fired boiler offer.

  • Our company took part in recently organized Outsourcing Fairs in Warsaw.

  • Most popular newspaper for biomass in Poland:  "Biomass" has descriped our pellet boiler Compact Pel-let in August issue.

  • 24.08.2014

    Fairs Rolexpo

    23-24.08.2014 we took part in fairs for farmers - Rolexpo in Sochaczew.

  • We just started cooperation with new dealer in Czestochowa.
  • Compact pellet is new pellet fired boiler with integrated tank.

  • At the end of June we organized several traning about biomass systems in Lviv.

  • Our biomass boiler - Futura BIO is located in technical university in Gdansk as model for students. Thanks our boiler combined with other Viessmann boiler - students can learn about biomass, renewable energy sources and heating systems and solutions. 

  • Aquatherm fairs in Kiev

  • Our company has introduced new controller - ECONET with LAN / GPS controller. We can regulate burner or boiler work through internet - thanks special internet page. It is very easy for customer and ensure, that our service can also controll boiler's work or failure very fast.

    All new models of our biomass boilers could be optional equiped with this modul. Econet modul can operate also as WI FI or LAN version. GPS modul is very helpfull in industrial boilers.

  • University of Technology in Poznan, Gdansk and Wroclaw own our biomass boilers to use and tests for students.

  • Our sales director - Ewa Witczyk took part in biomass conference in Kielce in march 2014.

  • Delivery of pellets by cistern , is standard these days in many countires .f.e in Germany and Austria. 

  • In 1984 in Europe were sold already pelletboilers with Lambda Sond and suction fan .

  • Renewable energy fairs in Poland by Zielona Gora 2014

  • Our activity in field of green energy and renewable energy is regulary seen in many press releases in Poland :   Puls Biznesu , Murator , Polski Instalator 

  • Renewable Energy Fairs in Hungary 2014 - we were there !!

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