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New 5 class gasifier heating boiler

New 5 class gasifier heating boiler

We have just launched wider range of Sigma wood gasification heating boilers up to 150 kW.

Wood gasifier heating boilers Sigma are designed for domestic and industrial use. Wide range of power output reach up to 150 kW from 16 kW.

Our wood gasification boilers Sigma fullfil 5 class emission norms  (  EN 303-5 norm )

A wood boiler is still a cheap alternative to heating with oil or gas. It is very popular and still cheapest fuel on the market. Many customers ask us: Which is cheaper – heating with logs or pellets ? Although pellets become very popular, still cheaper is heating with logs.

Logs are an ideal choice for those that can acquire the fuel themselves, for example from local forestry operations. Also i many countries is much easy access to heating wood then to pellets.

Pellets are created under pressure from wood sawdust or straw.(agropellets).  Due to their low residual moisture content they have a high calori c value. Pellets are easy to deliver and store. Dispensing and supplying them to the wood heating system is automatic and convenient. Cost of heating with pellets is around 40 % more expensive then logs. Question is always about comfort of daily use......

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