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Mutli purpose boiler ecowarmer Mini 8-24 kW

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  • Power: 24 kW

Fuel type:

  • "ECO" Coal "ECO" Coal


Automatic feeding pea coal /pellet / wpood  fired boilers Ecowarmer mini delivered by CWD Cichewicz producer, are designed for combustion of granulated stone /brown coal in special burners. Eco-coal fired boilers Ecowarmer contain burner, controller, feeder with motorbox and fuel tank.

We can offer models with extended tank, special controllers with LAN/GPS / Fuzzy Logic function and different output power ranges from 8 to 600 kW.

CWD company can deliver also models with additional grate - water or cast iron - designed for bi-fuel combustion in DUAL /DUO combustion chamber . Upper one with grate for manual loading, down with built in coal / biomass burner designed for automatic operation of the boiler.

One loading of tanks can last for about 3-7 days of boiler operation. It is cheap and comfortable heating, for everyone who wants to save heating costs.

Futura Mini 24
  • Futura Mini 24
  • Futura Mini 21 na ecoMAX
  • Futura Mini 21 na ecoMAX
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  • cichewicz eko groszek
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