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Mobile heating trailors for oil, gas and biomass

Mobile heating trailors for oil, gas and biomass

Mobile heat containers rental & lease.

Our company has long experience with mobile heating systems in containers and trailers. We offer heating and industrial boilers in mobile systems based on sea containers 10'', 20 '' and 40 ''' and also mobile trailors.

We can provide wide offer of boilers and heat pumps in mobile versions:

  • oil boilers 
  • gas boilers
  • wood chip boilers
  • pellet boilers
Oil boilers and gas boilers ( LNG, LPG, NG series ) are offered :
  • up to 300 kW on mobile trailers
  • over 300 kW in containers
  • over 1 MW in 2 separate containers : one for boiler room and secon for fuel storage
Pellet and wood chips boilers are offer in containers :  20 '' , 30 '' and 40 ''.  Over 900 kW capacity we provide biomass containers in 2 separate units:  for boiler and burner and second for biomass storage.
Heating mobile systems are dedicated for spare heating, during rebuilding or renvation. Also in case of heating source breakdown. It is also used in places, where is not allowed to build heating boiler room becouse outdoor conditions. The mobile heat containers are not permanently attached to the ground and are fully mobile, they can be moved.
Mobile heat containers are also very flexible in purchising mode. We can lease them, buy on credit or simply rent it. We don't have to be owner to heat our hotel, warehouse, family house or office. Our mobile heating systems can supply each type of heating circle f.e:  radiators, underfloor heating, air heaters. 
Movable boilers room can be delivered also as mobile heating boilers in slim casings. It is boiler, packed in special pallet 2 x 1 m or 3 x 2 m and its mobile unit. We can pack in special metal casing almost each type of heating boiler and heat pump. Metal casings are designed for each type of heating unit individually. We can place it on metal pallet with chimney, plate exchanger, pipes connection. We can plug in such unit to each type of building and installation. 

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