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Mobile heat container biomass plants

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  • Power: 50 kW

Fuel type:

  • sawdust sawdust
  • Sawdust briquette Sawdust briquette


Wood - biomass combustion heating systems could be also located in special steel containers. We can offer such systems which are specially prepared for buildings - where there is no space for standard heating boiler or there is no enough space for the boiler and fuel room.  Boiler container systems provided by our company : CWD are customized for any customer needs :

  • container for combined system : pelletboiler and tank and additional equipment
  • separate containers:  one for biomass boiler and equipment and second for fuel room
  • biomass boiler installed in building in boiler room - fuel feeder and tank in container

We can offer in very reasonable prices many different solutions and sorts of feeders and hoopers for biomass container systems. Additional equipment could be offered as:  tanks, accumulators, chimneys, pump groups or heating circles controllers.

Biomass heat container
  • Biomass heat container
  • Pellet fired mobile container
  • prasa o biomasie
  • double Heat container
  • Container plant
  • Biomass heat container
Description Technical Table Movies Press Releases
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