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Log wood boiler 25-40 kW - Kumulator EKO CWD

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  • Power: 25 kW

Fuel type:

  • Pellets Pellets
  • Wood Wood


Wood log fired boilers with manual loading and extended loading door -  Kumulator  eko boilers were designed in Sweden and developed in Germany . For many years , this model was very popular in Germany and got very positive customer opinion. Positive feedback about this model was main reason to add input for pelletsburner.

Kumulator eko has many advantages for customer:

  • Extended loading chamber
  • Loading doors from upper part to use more loading chamber
  • Lot of ceramics inside to prolong time of heating on wood load
  • 3 pass heat exchanger to use warm from flue gases fot better thermal efficiency
  • Movable cast iron grill
  • Cooling loop
  • Input in front doors for pelletsburner

This model can heat house with surface ca 200-250 qm

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  • Kumulator Eko
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  • Kumulator Eko
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Description Technical Table Controllers Files Movies Press Releases
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