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Laddomat - accumulation tank automatic valve

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  • Power: 25 kW


Anyone choosing to burn biomass has already realised that electricity, oil, district heating etc. will become more expensive. But even those with biomass fired boilers can reduce their costs significantly and at the same time avoid a lot of labour. Partly through firing in the correct way, with an accumulator tank that fits the boiler, and partly by choosing automatic controls that really exploit the energy in each unit.

Laddomat increases the return temperature to the boiler bottom. It prevents corrosion and extends the service life of the boiler. Laddomat has a unique control function which means that the boiler quickly reaches a high and even working temperature. This improves boiler efficiency.When connecting up to a tank, Laddomat  charges the storage tank by means of a slow fl ow. This means that layering is optimal. Layering in the storage tank is necessary for optimal system function. Metal valve seat and control plate give long-term control function reliability and reduce the need for maintenance

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