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Industrial boilers and power plants < 30 MW

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  • Power: 2000 kW

Fuel type:

  • sawdust sawdust
  • wood chips wood chips


Industrial wood and biomass combustion systems are offered to heat production halls, hotels, hospitals or farmers buildings. Biomass heating boiler's power output range reach 2 000 kW and could be joined together in cascade combustion systems. Producer of biomass heating systems - CWD offers many different solution for effective biomass combustiion :

- container systems

- heating industrial boilers with many feeding systems

- special tanks or fuel rooms

- different burners - ceramic, cast iron with movable grates

We can deliver our boilers in any place in Europe - our reference list contain many locations as Greece, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Spain or Croatia.

Togehter with our german partner we design and construct turnkey facilities with capacities ranging from 1 - 30 MWth for all types of applications and any type of solid biomass fuel.

Owing to the great diversity of biogenic materials used, each plant is individually designed to fit its specified purpose and achieve peak energy and economic efficiency. This entails individual sizing all of the components (from the fuel storage system to ash disposal method) and optimization of the interfaces between these components. For special system components we make use of our network of affiliated manufacturing experts.


Advantages of biomass usage:

  • Agro biomass, timber or wood biomass, off coats, wood chips, sawdust from wood, timber waste, straw are cheapest source of heating these days.
  • We can save up to 70 % heating costs. We can combine our heating system with water or steam systems , also with power generator ( steam turbines )
  • Such cogeneration from biomass can provide not only heat but also electricity.
  • We can provide also alternative heating systems designed for waste management heating like sludge or municipal waste
kotły na biomase
  • kotły na biomase
  • Kocioł 1MW
  • palenisko
  • Lambion CWD
  • Container for biomass
  • Controller Siemens CWD
  • power plant CWD
  • Big boilers
  • bio waste plant
  • kotłownia na Litwie
  • kotłownia na Litwie
  • kotłownia na Litwie
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