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Energy Mixer in Warsaw

Energy Mixer in Warsaw


We took part in Warsaw Energy mixer - meeting of goverment with biggest polish energy producers and manufacturers of thermal plants and industrial boilers.

Our thermal plants are individually designed prior customer or investor need. Our incineration involves the combustion of unprepared raw or residual municipal solid waste. Incineration plant combustion temperatures are in excess of 850 C and the waste is converted into carbon dioxide and water. Any non-combustible materials (e.g. metals, glass) remain as a solid, known as Bottom Ash, which contains a small amount of residual carbon. For further information contact us, we can offer complete systems or just part of the system like:  gasifiers, heat exchangers, heating boilers, combustion chambers and burners with movable grates.

Conventional plant of our production can be used also as sludge thermal management plant with drying systems. We can convert energy into eletricity thanks steam turbines that we can install in our systems.

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