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Compact Pel-let 8-30 kW

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  • Power: 20 kW

Fuel type:

  • Pellets Pellets


Pellets fired boilers type – Compact Pellets are designed for those customers, who don’t have enough space in the boiler room for biomass boiler . Thanks compact structure – which contains boiler and tank integrated in one unit heating boiler with installed in pellets burner with controller of combustion.

Thanks such structure, we have many advantages of this boiler:
- Boiler with integrated tank saves place in boiler room
- We can easy split tank and boiler and comfortable transport them to the boiler room
- Thanks pipe structure and 3 way heat exchanger we archive thermal efficiency over 90 % and 5 class of emission
- Modern controller of the boiler and burner with self cleaning system ensure comfort of daily operation

Compact pellet
  • Compact pellet
  • Przekrój kotła peletowego
  • compac pel-let
  • Budowa pieca na pellet
  • compact_CWD
  • small_boiler_room
Description Technical Table Press Releases
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