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Central heating biomass boilers with mass fuel storage

Central heating biomass boilers with mass fuel storage

Biomass as a fuel is a cheap source of heat, it is easy and cheap to obtain, but the problem is the season of its availability. Depending on the season and region, access to firewood and residual wood varies. The generalization of the state forests have specific seasons of the year to organize sales and auctions for the purchase of trees. In addition, the saws are removed from the wood at various times and do not always work all year round at maximum speed.

Therefore, we have a season in access to biomass, which affects its price. Not all boiler rooms are designed so you can ensure the purchase of fuel once a year and then its availability for the entire season. Typically, large biomass heating installations do this, which has strong biomass storage facilities under the shelter and mobile floor systems for fueling.

Central heating biomass boilers with mass fuel storage is reasonable solution here !

Therefore, in the design phase of the biomass boiler room with fuel storage throughout the year, it is worthwhile to make an economic analysis of how large a biomass silo should be. It is not only about the autonomy of operating the boiler room, but also about providing cheap fuel for our furnace. Our company assists clients in the proper selection of such solutions.

If we have space, financial resources and buildings for storing larger quantities of biomass - it is worth designing an appropriately selected boiler room. We have the following options here:

  • central heating boiler, with feeder and intermediate tank connected to the collective silo - a common solution in carpentry  factories with central falls 
  • central heating boiler with feeder, moving floor type installed in a warehouse or hall where several tens of m3 can be stored 
  • central heating system with an external fuel silo connected to the automatic fuel selection system

Each system increases the price of the boiler room, but its level of automation increases!
Special arm selection systems can be used for boiler rooms with a power of 100 kW. Their price is not low, which is why they are more common with biomass boilers with a capacity of 500 kW and more. From 960 kW, it is rather a standard solution.
As a highly automated biomass feed system, the feeder must also be reliable. This is why our company uses reinforced screw gears and conveyors, and hydraulic systems are used for moving floor systems. Our company offers solutions for use for technological purposes throughout the year, for example dryers, etc. Therefore, we offer solutions for the continuous burning of biomass for 7,000 h / year.

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