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Buffer tanks for wood and biomass gasifier boilers.

Buffer tanks for wood and biomass gasifier boilers.

Accumulation technologies for water heating boiles are one of the best way to increase effciency of domestic heating system.

The most popular technique for water storage is buffer tank usage. Norm EN303-5 indicates how big buffer tank should be  - it depends from capacity of the solid fuel boiler. It is 50 l storage for 1 kW biomass fired boiler.

Easy to calculate:  for around 20 kW wood fired boiler we need around 1000 l buffer tank.

What advantages we have thanks accumulation technique in solid fuel boiler heating ?

  • we increase efficiency of the heating system - boiler is working on nominal power to heat buffer tank, after that we don't need to use it. Accumulated hot water is kept in the tank for around 1-2 days. We loose avarage 5-6 kW energy per day in 1000 l tank
  • we decrease fuel consumption - when we use f.e log wood boiler only one per 2 days - to load hot water in acccumulation tank, we use less fuel then we must keep temperature in the boiler and keep constant boiler operation
  • less solid fuel used, we protect enviroment = we save biomass sources
  • we prolong lifetime of the boiler - boiler is less used - we can extend lifetime even  x 2 or x 3 times !
Accumulation hot water tanks are recommended by norm EN 303-5 but also some state and local norms. In many countries all solid fuel boilers above 15 kW must be installed with such tanks.

Our company recommend to install buffer tank to all log wood fired boilers, that we produce:
- kumulator central heating boilers for log wood and waste
- sigma - wood gasifying boilers from 16 kW to 200 kW
- agrowarmer - biomass gasifing boilers fro straw and agro waste

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