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Biowarmer Pellets | woodchips 25 kW

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  • Power: 25 kW

Fuel type:

  • Pellets Pellets
  • wood chips wood chips


The Biowarmer boilers are designed for burning biomass in the form of briquettes, sawdust and woodchips of proper size and, as a substitute, grains or cherry stones. The Biowarmer version is designed for burning of pellets, i.e. granulated sawdust, with diameter of 6 – 10 mm and up to 4 cm. Also, sawdust can be burnt as a substitute. For special orders the boiler in this version can be adopted for burning of wood chips as large as 30 mm. The boiler may be installed both in new and revamped boiler rooms with the aim of combustion process automation, improving the operating comfort and reducing of harmful emissions to atmosphere. The Biowarmer boilers with built-in biomass burner can be used for heating of residential buildings, commercial buildings, shops, detached houses and so on.

For the Biowarmer Standard boiler with automatic fuel feeding the following fuels are recommended:
- Sawdust briquettes with diameter of 50 mm;
- Wood chips with maximum size of up to 3 cm;
- Sawdust with maximum content of non-combustible particles of 10%.

Basic fuel for Biowarmer Pellets boiler:
The Biowarmer series boilers are designed for burning of sawdust biomass in the form of pellets with the diameter of
6-10 mm and length of up to 50 mm.
Pellets should meet the requirements of the ÖNORM M7 135 standard

The biomass boiler Biowarmer was designed in Sweden on the basis of many years of experience, with focus on high thermal and operating comfort, and with particular attention to protection of natural environment. The boiler is designed in such a way that the parts being in contact with ue gas are also in contact with the water jacket of the boiler.
The boiler is of a three-pass type with heat exchange occurring on the surface of hipped convection ducts or, in the case of 200-250 and 300-350 kW models, vertical combustion tubes.
On the front side the boiler has a door to the combustion chamber, a hand hole for cleaning of convection ducts and, in 25-200 kW, with ash box doors. The doors exposed to high temperatures are equipped with re protectors. For sealing of doors a mineral bre stung is used.

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