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Biowarmer boiler Standard 250-350 kW

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  • Power: 250 kW

Fuel type:

  • sawdust sawdust
  • Sawdust briquette Sawdust briquette
  • wood chips wood chips


The BIOWARMER boilers are designed for effective biomass combustiin in the form of briquettes, sawdust and woodchips or other waste from biomassThe Biowarmer pellets series  is designed for combustion  of pellets, i.e. granulated sawdust and woodchips thanks "dual screw" system in hopper and burner. We have here also rotary valve lock that provide best backfire protection.

Main advantages of the Biowarmer series are:

  • special hopper with screw for optimal biomass feeding
  • awarded in Greenevo competition innovative burner with movable grates 
  • effective heat exchanger that ensure best emission class and heating efficiency
We can use our biomass system for heating of :
  • factories, stocks and blocks
  • industry buildings
  • farmer buildings
  • wood production plants
  • sawmills
We can use also our boiler for steam production or technology heat production for drying of different materials.

Industrial biomass fired Biowarmer boilers, are awarded in prestigue Greenevo Competitions as best technology of biomass combustion


  • This model can heat surface ca: 2000-3000m2
Bio Standard
  • Bio Standard
  • Bio Standard Przekrój
  • ecologic
  • podajnik biomasowy cwd
  • awards for boilers in Poland
Description Technical Table Controllers Files Movies Press Releases
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