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Awarded waste thermal power plant with dryer

Awarded waste thermal power plant with dryer

Sewage sludge or RDF / waste drying process integrated with a waste-to-energy power plant was awarded this year.

Dewatered sewage sludge from Waste Water Treatment Plants is difficult fuel to burn. Due to newest regulations it must be thermal processed in special waste thermal power plants. We produce such systems, both for sludge or rdf/srf. Alternative fuels like RDF/SRF/municipal waste can be burned in our waste - to - energy boilers.

As manufacturer of waste to energu power plants and boilers, we combined them with dryers - air dryers designed for RDF and thermal oil dryers designed for sludge.

Drying of rdf/srf/sludge was never so cheap now !  We use energy from combustion to provide heating energy into drying system. This is close circle in circural ecnomy !

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