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Advanced Thermal Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste

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  • Power: 1000 kW


Our advanced Thermal Treatment plants are designed for Municipal Waste Thermal Management MWTM. The advanced thermal treatment technologies  pre-treat municipal waste management prior to the thermal stage and there are a variety of possible energy recovery system configurations available, some of which offer the potential for higher yearly efficiencies than conventional incineration plant.

Our thermal plants are individually designed prior customer or investor need. Our incineration involves the combustion of unprepared raw or residual municipal solid waste. Incineration plant combustion temperatures are in excess of 850 C and the waste is converted into carbon dioxide and water. Any non-combustible materials (e.g. metals, glass) remain as a solid, known as Bottom Ash, which contains a small amount of residual carbon. For further information contact us, we can offer complete systems or just part of the system like:  gasifiers, heat exchangers, heating boilers, combustion chambers and burners with movable grates.

Conventional plant of our production can be used also as sludge thermal management plant with drying systems. We can convert energy into eletricity thanks steam turbines that we can install in our systems.

Thermal processing of waste is a topic which is frequently raised in Europe and World in the light of the latest legal regulations on waste disposal. We have our Polish technology awarded at the International Environmental Protection Fair 2017 in Poznań under “Circular economy product” contest where it was positively verified by the experts of the Ministry of the Environment and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.
According to the Ordinance of the actual Norms about emission standards for certain types of installations, sources of fuel combustion and equipment for waste incineration or co-incineration corresponding emission standards have been introduced. They apply to the installations and equipment for waste incineration and co-incineration where the thermal power from incineration of dangerous waste exceeds 40% of the nominal thermal power of the equipment or where the incineration is carried out in such a way that the main purpose of the equipment is not to produce energy but to thermally process the unprocessed municipal waste. Therefore, emission standards expressed in mg/m3 have been defined in average daily and 30-minute values for a number of substances including: dust, hydrogen chlorides, hydrogen fluorides, carbon oxide, sulphur dioxide, dioxins, furans and other.
Advanced Thermal Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste plant
  • Advanced Thermal Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste plant
  • Waste treatment plant
  • Alternative fuel
  • RDF pellet
  • Gasification unit production
  • Thermal waste boilers
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