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  • During last exhibition in Kiev - Aquatherm we received Diploma for our solid fuel boilers range.

  • We have just took place in popular fairs Aquatherm ( may 2015 )  located in Kiev

  • We just got 3 rd place in market share of biomass heating systems in Poland.

  • In April 2015 we took part in fairs located in Kielce - Garden & Heating.

  • 06.05.2015

    Fairs in Lithuania

    During building fairs in Lithuania ( april 2015 ) we presented wide offer of soild fuel and biomass boilers.

  • Our long reference list contain different objects with installed in our heating systems.

  • We just launched on the market new technology of agro and biomass burners. 

  • In march 2015 we took place with our main partner in Latvia in the 29th International Building Industry Trade Fair „House I 2015".

  • We just took part in Home & Garden fairs in Poznan - Gardenia 2015

  • 05.03.2015

    Quality of the year

    Very popular polish magazine - Polityka has nominated us for Quality of the year award.

  • We launch monthly many new boiler room dedicated for biomass combustion.

  • 19.11.2014

    Traning in Lviv

    At the end of october we organized thanks our customer in Lviv - company Buderus Bosch - training about pellet burners - eco burners .

  • 19.11.2014

    Fairs in Spain

    During last fairs in Spain,which took place in Madrid at October we presented with our partner wide biomass fired boiler offer.

  • Our company took part in recently organized Outsourcing Fairs in Warsaw.

  • Most popular newspaper for biomass in Poland:  "Biomass" has descriped our pellet boiler Compact Pel-let in August issue.

  • 24.08.2014

    Fairs Rolexpo

    23-24.08.2014 we took part in fairs for farmers - Rolexpo in Sochaczew.

  • We just started cooperation with new dealer in Czestochowa.
  • Compact pellet is new pellet fired boiler with integrated tank.

  • At the end of June we organized several traning about biomass systems in Lviv.

  • Our biomass boiler - Futura BIO is located in technical university in Gdansk as model for students. Thanks our boiler combined with other Viessmann boiler - students can learn about biomass, renewable energy sources and heating systems and solutions. 

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